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Have fun navigating with our maps and under your own power. We invite you to discover your parks and cities, discover our events, and discover yourself!!

Urban Adventures


Discontinued until
late 2014

Full schedule...

Wilderness Adventures


Panoche Hills 06, 07 Sep
Jackson DSF Jan 2015

Full schedule...

Latest updates

23 October 2014, 17:52 PDT:   Accommodation details for Sprint the Golden Gate are posted.

23 September 2014, 08:08 PDT:   Complete split times and team route maps for the 2014 U.S. Rogaine Championships are posted. The following athletes have qualified for the 2015 World Rogaining Championships in Finland: V. Glen Brake Jr., Daniel Engovatov, Peter Graube, Bud Laird, Brad Poe, Yvonne P. Poe, Eric Smith, and Mary Smith.

14 September 2014, 04:41 PDT:   Final results of the 2014 U.S. Rogaine Championships are posted. Checkpoint-by-checkpoint splits will come very shortly.

19 November 2013, 07:52 PST:   Street Scramble will return in late 2014 as an interactive app-based game for runners, cyclists, hikers, and families, with a 2015 schedule very close to what has been announced for 2014.

Latest Completed Events

Run Black Diamond 21–23 March 2014 Concord, CA USA
Get Lost!! in Panoche Hills 04 January 2014 Firebaugh, CA USA


U.S. Rogaine Championships 06, 07 September 2014 Firebaugh, CA USA
Sprint the Golden Gate 12–14 December 2014 San Francisco, CA USA
Get Lost!! in Jackson DSF January 2015 Fort Bragg, CA USA
Run Black Diamond 06–08 March 2015 Concord, CA USA
Get Lost!! in Fort Ord July 2015 Seaside, CA USA
Get Lost!! in Henry Coe 05, 06 September 2015 Gilroy, CA USA
Jackson DSF Adventure Trex November 2015 Willits, CA USA

Next rogaine by terraloco: 21 September 2014: Go Wild! Sierra Mountains.

No Bugs!

Street Scramble is not about...

No Fish!
  • Eating bugs.
  • Juggling fish.
  • Pouring pints (on the clock).
  • Waiting at a checkpoint for other teams to finish eating, juggling, and pouring.
  • Math-letics.
  • Standing around figuring out trick questions.
  • Push-ups.
  • Taking buses.
  • $70 entry fees for a 5 mile course with 12 checkpoints.
  • Mulling around without a map...

Not Us!!Street Scramble is...

  • A fair challenge for the body and mind.
  • A tour of dozens of the city's hidden attractions.
  • A fun thing to do with the family.
  • A task fit for expert navigators and endurance racers.
  • Discounts to families, teams, and club members.
  • Awards to top teams in each division.
  • Covering some ground, always with a map!


California Adventure Racing Association
Cal-ARA, a non-profit, is a community and resource that helps grow the sport of adventure racing in California. Its focus is to educate and raise awareness for AR and the associated activities: kayaking, mountain biking, navigation, and trekking.
Meridian Geographics
MerGeo offers events and education for navigation-based sports and running, including customized events for groups and individuals. Get Lost!! is excited to bring the Street Scramble® urban navigation challenge back to the Bay Area under license from MerGeo.
Urban and wild map trek adventures!
Checkpoint 16
Checkpoint 16's mission is to grow the sport of adventure racing by making it more accessible to new and experienced racers, alike. In pursuit of this mission, Checkpoint 16 provides information and analysis of gear, nutrition, training regimens and race strategy, and race organizations and series. Checkpoint 16 is the home of Checkpoint 16 Connections, a free service that connects racers with teams and other racers within the adventure racing community.
Orienteering USA (Rogaine Committee)
Orienteering USA is the National Governing Body for the map sport. Its Rogaine Committee publishes the national rogaining schedule, sanctions rogaines, and liaises with the International Rogaining Federation for the U.S. and Canada.
International Rogaining Federation
"Have fun—no one cares how fast or slow you travel as long as you enjoy the experience!" Follow international rogaining on Facebook.
International Orienteering Federation
The International Orienteering Federation presides over the map sport worldwide. Get Lost!! strives to hold its adventure running events to the highest standard, and plans to regularly apply for IOF World Ranking Event sanctioning, attracting a diverse crowd of devoted enthusiasts.
Coastal Trail Runs
Coastal Trail Runs invites runners to spectacular venues along coastal California and Oregon. Coastal Trail Runs is known for its well-marked courses, accurately measured distances, immediate race results, quality shirt designs, and friendly atmosphere.
SFkids is created by San Francisco parents and funded by the Department of Children, Youth & Their Families, working with its nonprofit partner SFkids is designed to help every family in every neighborhood of our beautiful City raise healthy, happy children from babies to young adulthood. Please join the SFkids mailing list for announcements about exciting things to do in the City and beyond!


Popular among map and adventure-sports athletes in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries, the site is the one to go to for the latest navigation-sport news, schedules, discussion, and gossip. Follow your friends' training, or log your own! Get Lost!! maintains discussion forums for all of its events on AttackPoint.
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